BENZ Packaging Solutions in Collaboration with Propagroup has launched on the market VCI Anticorrosion Packing Items to Guarantee Adequate Protection of Metals.

PROPASEC desiccant bags & Moisture Absorbing Desiccants represent the most successful and safe solution to reduce the humidity level inside your packaging.

Thanks to its absorption capacity, PROPASEC Desiccant reduces the dew point inside the package allowing to protect the product qualities and properties against humidity attack.

PROPASEC Desiccant Bags allow to transport and stock safely your products for a long time.

PROPASEC Desiccant Bags are made by a natural mineral material which makes them a safe, environmentally friendly product. Furthermore, Propagroup carefully selects its clays and textiles to guarantee top quality in terms of resistance and high absorption level.

PROPASEC range can be supplied in bags, chains or panels according to FDA standard.

In case of material produced in accordance with standard DIN 55473:2001-02, the desiccant unit defines the quantity of drying material that absorbs a minimum quantity of 6.0 g of water vapour, at an air temperature of 23±2 ºC and a Relative Humidity of 40%.

PROPASEC Desiccant Bags are certified according to DIN, NFH and MIL standards.

Main applications:
1. Industrial packaging
2. Electronic equipment
3.Food packaging
4.Medical devices
5. Medical diagnostic equipment
6.Optical instruments

Awesome features

Made from natural minerals.

Environmentally friendly

Highest Absorption Level

Can be supplied in Bags, Chains or Panels

Manufactured in Italy


Best Price Guaranteed

Effective Moisture Protection

REACH & RoHS Compliant

Highly active drying agent

DIN identification on each bag.

Nontoxic for metal or any other material

Class B; Dust Free Desiccants

Ready to use products when unpacked

Available in Tyvek & Non-Woven Packaging.

Biodegradable & can be easily disposed of.