Machine Grade Stretch Film

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We understand the importance of reliable and efficient packaging solutions for your business. Our machine-grade stretch films are designed to meet the demanding requirements of automated packaging processes, providing superior performance and consistency. Our machine-grade stretch film is engineered to deliver unparalleled load stability, ensuring that your products are securely wrapped and protected during transit.
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  • Consistent Film Thickness
  • Optimized for High-Speed Machines
  • Tough and Durable
  • Exceptional Load Stability


Technical Specifications
Thickness 8-9 µm 10-11 µm 12 µm
Width 250-2000 mm 250-2000 mm 250-2000 mm
Net weight 5-25 kg 5.25 kg 5-25 kg
Stretchability 150%-300% 150%-350% 150%-370%
Colour transparent, black, white transparent, black, white, blue** transparent, black, white, blue
Protective Packaging

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benz packaging solutions
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BENZ Packaging consistently provides reliable and efficacious Corrosion Prevention & Protective Packaging Solutions to clients worldwide.

benz packaging solutions